Dr John Lowe

Principal Investigator
John Lowe

John is responsible for directing the project's research programme, and leading the project's research into the relations between ancient Indian and modern Western linguistic thought.

John is Associate Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Oxford, and has worked and published widely on topics in theoretical linguistics and Sanskrit language and linguistics.

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Dr Yiming Shen

Post-doctoral Researcher
Yiming Shen

Yiming Shen is responsible for carrying out research on ancient Indian linguistic thought and its connections with modern linguistics.

He completed his doctorate at the University of Oxford with a thesis on the Sanskrit grammatical tradition (vyākaraṇa), in particular about the element called āgama in Pāṇini's grammatical system.

Dr. Adriana Molina-Muñoz

Post-doctoral Researcher
Adriana Molina-Muñoz

Adriana completed her PhD in Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research centers on how syntactic phenomena are affected by other components of the language faculty, such as morphology and semantics/pragmatics. She has investigated synchronically and diachronically different interface phenomena such as word order, compounding, relativization, ergativity, and aspect; focusing largely on Sanskrit and Hindi. She was previously a researcher at the project “Uncovering Sanskrit Syntax”. She currently carries out research on ancient Indian linguistics and its connections with modern Western linguistics.

Dr Diana Rodríguez Pérez

Project Support Coordinator
Diana Rodríguez Pérez

Diana is part of the Research Facilitation team at the Humanities Division and provides administrative, HR, and finance support to the LINGUINDIC team.

Diana has a European Doctorate in History of Arts (Classical Archaeology) and has worked in various academic and administrative roles in the past, including at the Faculty of Classics, Wolfson College, and the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Besides her job with LINGUINDIC, Diana is also the Research Assistant for the Beazley Archive Pottery Database at the Faculty of Classics (University of Oxford)

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Mike Allaway

Website & Database Developer
Mike Allaway

Mike is responsible for developing and maintaining the LINGUINDIC website and database, as well as providing general IT support to the project team.

Mike has a bachelor's degree in business management with information systems, as well as a master's degree in computing. As well as being a member of the LINGUINDIC team, Mike also works as a Senior Research Software Engineer at the University of Birmingham. He has over 8 years' experience of working in IT within the HE sector.

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Dr James Benson

James Benson

Jim is a consultant to the project, working closely with the researchers on understanding and interpreting Sanskrit linguistic texts.

Jim is a fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, and has spent many years studying and teaching the ancient Indian grammatical tradition.