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Prātiśākhya and śikṣā

Śikṣā (literally ‘instruction’, particularly ‘instruction in reciting’) is the native tradition of phonetics, teaching proper articulation and pronunciation of Vedic texts. Traditionally counted as one of the six auxiliary Vedic disciplines (vedāṅga), it contains rules teaching sounds, accents, quantity, organs, enumeration, delivery, and euphonic combinations. One of the most influential śikṣā works is the Pāṇinīyaśikṣā. The prātiśākhyas, for example, the Ṛkprātiśākhya, ascribed to Śaunaka, is a prātiśākhya work of the Ṛgveda, giving rules on correspondence between the Ṛgveda saṃhitā and pada recitations.

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