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Mīmāṃsā is the native tradition of Vedic exegesis. It not only explains difficult Vedic passages but also, more importantly, provides general rules of interpretation. The foundational text of Mīmāṃsā is Jaimini’s Mīmāṃsāsūtra (c. 50 AD), a work mainly concerned with rules for systematically interpreting Vedic passages, leading to the investigation of linguistic, epistemological, exegetical, and deontic issues. The oldest extant commentary on the Mīmāṃsāsūtra is Śabarasvāmin’s Śābarabhāṣya (c. 400 AD), a work which is also polemical in nature, refuting opponents from Buddhism and Vyākaraṇa. Mīmāṃsā holds the view that the Veda is authorless and the words in the Veda constitute a reliable means of knowledge.

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